Aditya Kumar

Aditya Kumar
Director – Petroleum Engineering

Aditya is our expert petroleum engineer with about 16 years of experience in the upstream industry. Prior to joining Telesto Energy, he had worked for Petronas, Schlumberger, Kuwait Oil Company and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.
He has worked and delivered projects worldwide including India, United Kingdom, United States, Egypt, Sudan, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur and Miri. His areas of expertise are in the areas of production optimization, artificial lift, RWFM, digital oil field and project management. In addition, he has been active contributor to technical publications.
B. Tech., Mechanical Engineering, Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University


  • Kumar, A., Omer, M., Suleiman, A. 2012. A Field Wide Surface Network Modelling and De-bottlenecking of Production Network for Nine Fields of GNPOC. Presented at the SPE North Africa Technical Conference and Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt, 20-22 February, SPE-150555-MS.


  • Kumar, A. 2013. Rapid Well Ranking Workflow for Optimizing Production Strategy Using a Combination of Production Analytics and Steady State Production Modelling. Presented at the SPE Advanced Technology Workshop, Bahrain, May 2013.
  • Kumar, A. 2010. Artificial Lift Selection Criteria for Optimum Efficiency: Reservoir types and Limitations. Presented at the SPE Advanced Technology Workshop.
  • Kumar, A. 2010. Where Injectivity is lost? – Formation Damage in Water Injection well. Presented at the Praxis Interactive Technology Workshop on Formation Damage.
  • Kumar, A. 2008. Development and Implementation of Integrated Asset Model for Mumbai- High Field. Presented at the Schlumberger Information Solution.
  • Kumar, A. 2007. A Novel Approach for Flow Assurance by Hydrate Inhibition – A Case Study. Presented at the PETROTECH, New Delhi.
  • Kumar, A. 2005. Coiled Tubing Well Intervention in Mumbai High Field-Constraints and Remedies, An Alternate Approach. Presented at the PETROTECH, New Delhi.